Ed Schieffelin's Monument
"Founder of Tombstone"
Trails To Ride
Tombstone Livery Stable
Petroglyph's from
the         Hohokam
Petroglyph's from the

Hohokam  Tribes
The Dragoon Mountains
Cochise  Stronghold
We have a 1-2 hour loop that will take
you To Schieffelin's Monument.

Evidence of their existence from the
Petroglyph's found.

You can ride the washes  and go To
the San Pedro  River approx. 5 miles
away.  Located there is the ghost town
of Fairbanks.  It was a destination of
the rich silver ore from Tombstone.  
From Fairbanks you can ride north To
the Presiedio, an old Spanish Fort         
around 1775.