Events: Mounted & Cowboy Shooting

If shootin' is your game then Tombstone Livery is the place to keep your sights on! In addition to the huge event at the end of November, ya'll may want to bookmark this page to stay informed on what's comin' up next!

The following clubs hold events here:

The Old Pueblo Shootists Assoc

Los Vaqueros - Arizona Historical Shootist Assoc.

Bordertown - AZ State Championship

Tombstone Ghost Riders

Monthly Cowboy Action Shooting events:

1st Sunday - The Old Pueblo Shootists Association

3rd Saturday - Los Vaqueros

4th Sunday - Bordertown

Registration for all monthly matches: 8:00 - 9:00a

Shooters meeting: 9:00a

Most matches are 6 stages

Monthly Mounted Shooting practice:

1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday - Tombstone Ghost Riders

Scroll down for annual events

Planning a wedding?

Lookin' for a place to bring your horses and have an old fashioned, cowboy wedding with your kinfolk & pardners? Why not consider one of THE most ol' west town in the West and stay at the Tombstone Livery & RV Park?!